4x 5:2 Spread Thunder Tray (32mm)


Spread Formation is for miniatures that need flexibility on the battlefield. You can both stand back-to-back by alligning the trays, and spread our with exactly 1 inch inbetween models. The formation can deliver maximum density or maximum spread.

This tray is made for 25, 32 and 40 mm miniatures and fit most gaming systems.

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Out of stock

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Unlock Speed: Play large horde armies with 5 times faster movement speed. Enable you to play
games faster than your opponent.

Seamless Fit: A tray with minimum impact on visuals and almost seamless border.

Allign & Break Formation: With units around you. Go from high density to high ground coverage with few moves.

Store Easy: Put miniatures directly from case, to battlefield and back to your case quick. Move from table to table with little hassle.

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Weight 40 g

32 mm

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