4x 5:1 Cavalry Thunder Tray

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Cavalry Line Formation is for miniatures that need to stand back-to-back. The formation leaves minimum space between models for maximum density.

This tray is made for cavalry miniatures and fit the most common horse and bike base.

All orders of Thunder Trays are currently happening as late pledges to the kickstarter campaign. The orders will not be immediately shipped. Due to the corona virus outbreak, the production and shipment can confer delays and we do our best to keep customers updated on the situation.

Current orders is expected for June delivery in the 1st batch.

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Out of stock



Unlock Speed: Play large horde armies with 5 times faster movement speed. Enable you to play
games faster than your opponent.

Seamless Fit: A tray with minimum impact on visuals and almost seamless border.

Allign & Break Formation: With units around you. Go from high density to high ground coverage with few moves.

Store Easy: Put miniatures directly from case, to battlefield and back to your case quick. Move from table to table with little hassle.

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Weight 200 g