Ordering 3D Prints

We have put our designs up for order on Shapeways. It is a way to offer our unique designs without the trouble of finding a 3D printer yourself. This allow you to produce adapters in any colour and various material. This is a costly option, but possible for various designs and more options.

Free Download on Shapeways

Downloading STL files of adapters is a way to offer anyone the chance to 3D print their own adapters FOR FREE. You are allowed to print them at home and create any tool you wish for producing them for home use. It also offers a way to distribute many various adapters that would never otherwise see the light of day for those who wish to ultilize it.

Go to shapeways and navigate to the individual model’s page. You need to register on Shapeways to see the download button. We’ve put the links up for you on the right.